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Maddalena Pasqua di Bisceglie, doyenne of Musella Winery, Famiglie dell'Amarone d'Arte



Steve's counsel has been a wonderful asset for Musella in the U.S, both as an importer and marketer.  I recommend that every export brand with plans for the U.S. read his book and learn from the wealth of his practical advice.

Dr. Damien Wilson, Hamel Chair of Wine Business, Sonoma State University



As an exhaustive guide for entering the U.S. Wine market, international wine producers who aren’t reading this book can start looking for another career.

John Beaudette, CEO, MHW Ltd.



For new players entering the U.S. beverage alcohol space, this book will save you countless hours…and money. It really simplifies the process of navigating this industry and increasing your chances of success.

Paul Mabray, Digital Wine Marketing Guru



Steve Raye has always been a thought leader in the wine industry. His intellectual curiosity continues to push him to explore new ways to sell and market in the US while his decades of experience allow him to ground his strategies and tactics in proven formulas to achieve success. I highly recommend reading Steve’s book if you have any thoughts of entering the US market. 

Deborah Parker Wong, DWSET. Journalist, Educator, Author, Wine Editor and Consultant



"Steve Raye's new book "How To Get U.S. Market-Ready" is one savvy read. His book is a treasure trove of best practices and pragmatic, no-nonsense guidance that condenses years of consulting experience between two covers.

Lloyd Stephens, GM International, Dan Murphy's & BWS, Australia



This book is a must-read for any wine or spirit company seeking to enter or expand their business in the USA . Steve Raye has unparalleled market experience coupled with a deep and practical understanding to help export producers enter and grow in the U.S. market. 

The Author: Steve Raye


Steve Raye is the author of the new book “How to Get U.S. Market-Ready.” Starting with a short introduction to the history and structure of the U.S. market, Steve quickly moves on to practical strategies and tactics that you can put to use right now.  Every section is based on years of experience with his clients and his goal is to help you avoid mistakes that he has seen others make.   

Steve is the President of Bevology, Inc. a consulting company which works with individual brands and regional promotional boards to develop strategies for the American market. He is also Managing Partner at Bevology Imports, a boutique wine and spirit import company.

 With over 30 years of industry experience beginning with Diageo, Steve is an inspiring and engaging speaker and has presented at Vinitaly, Vinexpo NY, Univ. of Bordeaux, the London Wine Fair and many other international trade fairs and conferences. He also lectures at Bologna Business School and Cornell University on the issues affecting the U.S. wines and spirits market. 


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